if you got error about credit payment in indonesia domestic credit payment.

When purchasing a flight ticket on Indonesia domestic flight, it often fails credit card payment. I tried to purchase a ticket for Surabaya -> Bali for during my stay.

But I got error. I used domestic travel site of Indonesia as tiket.com. domestic travel sites are nusatrip.com famous too. but I already experienced errors many times at nusatrip.com.

This time I am staying in Indonesia. I contacted tiket.com customer support to resolve inconveniences later. Customer support reply to me "send your passport and credit card picture for add a card to the security whitelist (permission list)".

I immediately sent it to the designated destination, and it came to inform that it was added to the whitelist the next day.

If someone feels inconvenient for arranging tickets in Indonesia, please do not hesitate and contact customer support.